3 Books to Read For Moody Autumn Vibes

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

September evokes the smell of burning leaves; the taste of pumpkin. As soon as a chill enters the air, I stock up on wood and get settled in front of my fireplace. It is truly luxurious to relax in front of a fireplace on a cold Autumn night with a good book in your lap.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this September:

Want a novel? Check out Smoke by Dan Vyleta

In September, students awaken. I embraced that back-to-school feeling by picking up this alternate history novel that takes place in a prestigious boarding school. In this version of 19th century England, the sin and shame of the characters manifests itself as smoke that pours forth from their bodies. Three students begin to unravel a mystery that might just upend everything they know about the world they live in. It’s Dickensian, fantastical and perfectly moody for a chilly September evening.

Short stories are perfect for bedtime reading. Check out Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti

The thing about a Canadian September is that it perfectly primes you for October – Halloween, trees stretching bare to the sky, the death of everything green and alive. Our thoughts naturally turn to death and decay, of the hunkering down before a long cold winter.

This first collection of tales by Ligotti, an American author following in the footsteps of Poe and Lovecraft, is split into three parts: Dreams for Sleepwalkers, Dreams for Insomniacs, and Dreams for the Dead. The stories are full of words like labyrinthinesomnambule, and valetudinarian (which, if you have to look it up like I did, refers to a person who is overly anxious about their health).

Dive in to creamy goodness and learn about the history of milk. Milk by Mark Kurlansky

As soon as that September chill hits the air I start craving creamy cocktails. Milk punch, White Russians, Eggnog (with rum of course). From Greek myths to the Industrial Revolution, historian Kurlansky explores the history of milk and how it has influenced and nourished humanity since our earliest beginnings.


Do you have any books that you like to read in autumn? Another favourite of mine is the classic Wuthering Heights. Misty moors, tragedy and a torrid romance – what more do you need for an autumn read?

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