7 Bookstagrammers to Follow in 2019 for Reading Inspiration

Instagram is cashing in on bibliophiles. With over 27 million pictures tagged with #bookstagram, there’s a lot of book lovin’ going on. That’s a lot of content to look through but luckily, you have me, a book addict who is Instagram obsessed, to curate accounts for you.

Here are my top seven current must-follows (in no particular order) to get inspired to read!


  1. @thefictionfaery


Carina is from Norway and her feed is filled with neutrals, coziness and textures. It’s insane how cohesive her feed is.

2. @sanne_reads


Sanne is from the Netherlands and I love how her feed is accessible, but still intentional. She also often features books that I haven’t heard of before, and I love that. Her style is minimalist, but she’s not afraid to mix in different colours either. This is carefree Instagram feed that doesn’t give me anxiety to be perfect.

3. @theslowtraveler


Carolyn is the perfect example of mixing a bookstagram with another subject – in this case, architecture. The colours she uses are similar to @thefictionfaery’s, but where Carina’s feed is cozy, Carolyn’s has a sense of freshness, like taking a brisk walk outside in the spring time. Check it out and see if you agree.


4. @originalbookworks


Original Book Works is actually a UK based company making uhm, faux books? Despite this egregious crime (faux books are like decaf coffee – pointless), their Instagram feed delivers some quality vintage vibes.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hate hardcover books. They are beautiful to look at, but the actual reading them part is so much less enjoyable than paperback. Maybe I just have weak wrists. Despite this, Original Book Works makes me want to go to my local used book store and pick up a ton of those old school hardcovers to display. Fake books indeed!


5. @whatsallyreadnext


Sally’s feed is all about the books. She’s got stacks. Every time I peruse her feed I end up adding several more books to my endless to-be-read list. Plus, she hosts a Haruki Murakami book club.

6. @bookpairings


Laci’s feed makes me feel like I’m in a cafe with a great big mug of coffee and a good book. I also love how she uses the same background for many of her pictures (that wooden coffee table) which makes the focus the book, which is why we’re all here, right?


7. @topherlundell


Stumbling upon this account was like digging up treasure for me. Topher is a bookseller in Washington, DC and he focuses on vintage pulp paperbacks. The cover art of these wonderful books are so interesting, and Topher does a great job of letting the books speak for themselves without any extra props.


Do you follow any bookstagrams? Do you prefer heavily styled photos or more straightforward ones that just show the book?




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